Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is how the life gonna be

Sigh, how I can say t or share it. Now I am in the middle of a road. I love photography so much, but sometimes I just feel like my skill is still less, I wanna learn more, more and more. So I decided to take short course maybe on my summer break or at the end of this year. Because I never learn about photography technically and I also want to know more about fashion. Because most of my portfolios are fashion and expressive photographs. I am so confused. But my next plan is I wanna add more portfolios before I go back to my hometown. Seriously, back at my hometown it is hard to find a proper model to do shoots. And I am thinking to submit my portfolios to a local magazine there, I just want to explore more and works with many kind of people. It is quite happy tho, I met my models from different countries and characteristics. I learn how is their cultures, people behavior, foods, life, etc. It is so interesting and I'm always tell them about Indonesia, ask them to have dinner at Indonesian restaurant. Photography is not always about taking pictures, work professionally, but for me it is more to how you can adapt to many kind of people and learn from them.

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